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TT Bon Vivant

Where to start?.. Well, Given that this is our second cocktail menu, it’s no coincidence that we named this cocktail ‘The Bon Vivant’.

The second cocktail book (written by the worlds first showmanship bartender, Jerry Thomas, also seen as the Pre-Prohibition godfather of mixology) was named ‘The Bon Vivant’s Companion’.

Originally this was put together as a cocktail that represents our brand in liquid form, sophistication, indulgence, and Champagne. Kind of like The Fizzy Tarté mk.2.

Just FYI… we also happen to have a 6 star house with a cinema and a hot tub, in case you didn’t know.

This drink certainly represents the class and craft put into our house, The Bon Vivant. Ask us about it…

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