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TT Vesper

Water is one of, if not the most important element in your cocktail. Water adds the necessary dilution for your drink to be more palatable and less harsh, especially when drinking Martini style cocktails. Water which has high minerals Is considered heavy/hard, meaning it can impart a lot of flavour on the final product, and contains some sulphurs. Water with low mineral count is considered soft water and has little effect on your drink.

At The Fizzy Tatré, we add water before hand and bottle freeze our Martini for maximum flavour bonding between all elements in this drink.

In our TT Vespa you’ll taste:
  • Wormwood vodka (Herbal), a slightly sweetened, Old Tom style Gin which follows recipes from 18th century Gins
  • Lillet Blanc, a French Vermouth style Apperitif which is paired with Babicka to add the Wormwood notes you normally find in vermouth, excluding Lillet.

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