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Welcome to our cocktail bar! How do you like your cocktails? Shaken… Stirred… Classic or Top Tarté. Whatever your choice, you can expect nothing less than impressively crafted cocktails made by expertly trained mixologists. Each and every cocktail has been skillfully designed to delight your senses. We’re using the freshest of ingredients, all of which we make in-house and the finest of brands so that our cocktails are the most fabulous cocktails you’ve ever tasted. We’ll even tweak a classic, or tailor a cheeky new cocktail to your taste. Our aim is to create a cocktail experience you’ll never forget.

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Classic Cocktailscocktail bar - classic cocktails

You love the classics, so we’re keeping the classics! Say hello to a list of your favourite classic cocktails. A Strawberry Daiquiri, perfect for a summers day. A Pina Colada, exemplary for those ‘i’m on holiday’ vibes. A margarita, just the trick for those ‘I deserve a drink’ days… The Fizzy Tarté Cocktail, cheeky enough for the ‘I’m ready to have fun’ feels… However, whilst the classic cocktails are here to stay, we’ve reimagined the cocktails with home-made syrups and fresh ingredients with top of the range ingredients to enhance those ‘seriously fresh’ flavours!

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Made on Maison Cocktails 

cocktail bar - maison cocktails

Specially designed to encapsulate the sophisticated fun found at The Fizzy Tarté. Say hello to our new ‘Made on Maison Cocktails’ – Our mixologists had so much fun creating this new era of cocktails. Not to mention they were tried and tested (at length) to ensure each one tasted the best as can be. Think of these cocktails as being the elegant, exciting single aunt of cocktails. Always travelling the globe, and ready to have fun. One minute you’re tasting the tropicals of the Caribbean with the hints of pineapple in the ‘Clubmans Old Fashioned cocktail. Next, you’ve landed in Kentucky and you’re enjoying the earthy and sweet flavours of the USA with the ‘Blue County’ cocktail. Each cocktail is an experience in itself. Where will you travel to next?

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Top Tarte Cocktails

Top Tarte? We’re sure those words spiked your senses. These are cocktails re-imagined. Cocktails mixed with a blend of sophisticated fun, an ounce of magic and a dusting of excitement. Showstopping and deliciously divine, we’re sure you’ve never tasted anything like these before.
Have you ever tried a cocktail, garnished with echinacea foam and perfectly baked profiterole? What about a Cosmopolitan with Cranberry Shrub and Candyfloss? Each cocktail is smoked, infused or garnished for intensive flavours. They’re poppy, tart, smoky, velvety, silky.
We know that each cocktail on our Top Tarté menu will leave you begging, begging and begging for more!

What does it take to make the Top Tarte Grade?

There’s not a drink on our menu which we wouldn’t serve the queen. Although that being said there’s always an opportunity to strive for something more, something magical, like classics – reimagined. However, our Top Tartés are just that. A blend of imagination, freshly made ingredients and pure excitement. Some are show-stopping, others are just deliciously divine and one or two you may think it has been handcrafted by a dessert chef.


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Cocktail Masterclasses

Cocktail Masterclasses like you’ve never seen them before! Discover a world of classic and modern cocktails with your friends, family or colleagues. Whether it’s a special occasion, a fun day out, or a team-building exercise, we know you’ll have an amazing time whichever of our two packages you choose! Pick from our Gold or Platinum and join from 12PM/3PM/6PM – both weekdays or weekends.

Enjoy a glass of prosecco on arrival, learn the history of the cocktail world, mix up some modern and classic cocktails, receive complimentary access to The 3rd Floor on Saturday nights and so much more. We’ve honestly never seen a group of friends have so much fun!

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  • Chris A says:

    Visited here for whilst on weekend break and stayed for a couple of drinks. We sat at a high table in the window where we could watch the world go by and the very talented barmen making drinks from the extensive cocktail menu. Table service from friendly head waitress who served us the perfect drinks. Quirky atmosphere and definitely worth a visit.

  • Kevin M says:

    Visited this place and promptly returned the next night. Awesome cocktails made with freshly made mixers. Fantastic service from Sidat and wonderfully blended cocktails from Rafis. After speaking to both they are obviously both very passionate about making sure the customer is treated well and the cocktails they serve are of a very high standard. Also we’re more than willing to make small adjustments to suit our tastes. Can’t wait to return again in the future.

    They also have an excellent variety of champagne from what we could see for those that like a glass of the bubbly stuff.

  • Ali says:

    Visited here several times. Great watching the making of the cocktails by the very experienced mixologists. Gorgeous cakes. Lovely, smiley, friendly staff. Great service! Beautiful and unique little place to visit. Will be back…and thank you to Raf for the happy vibes 🙂

  • Gillian L says:

    Dropped in for a single cocktail before dinner but discovered it was happy hour and ended up staying for three. Excellent cocktails, fabulous value. I think they have happy hour every day 4.30 to 7.30. Definitely worth doing

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