Cakes, Sweets, & Daytime Delicacies

The Fizzy Tarté, Windermere Cafe & Pâtisserie Bowness

“Pâtisserie is more than just sweet pastry. It is an art. You are purchasing fine, hand-made products which have a required skill and delicacy to create.

Tantalisingly delicious and wonderfully unique, pâtisserie is an experience for the mouth and mind.”

In France, Pâtisserie Chefs are considered skilled masters of their trade

To create such beautiful delights they need to be expert in intricacy and have an in-depth understanding of flavours.

Here at The Fizzy Tarté

Most of our patisserie are handmade locally, by talented pastry chefs.

We feel that their impeccable standards align with our ethos of providing nothing but quality to our customers.

We hope you appreciate our wide selection of pâtisserie.

Whether you enjoy yours with a glass of Champagne, or while soaking up the atmosphere with a hot beverage, indulge in the tastiest treats around.

Destiny Food

Those fine, delicate, beautiful looking desserts you see in our menu, online, and at The Fizzy Tarté are hand-made by Udale Specialty Foods and Destiny Foods.

Based in the North-West of England, they both foresee that great effort is made to ensure that they don’t lose any of that great hand-made finish.

Toppings, decorations, and garnishes on each sweet and patisserie, are done by hand to create desserts that are truly special.


Creamy and decadent, a cheesecake never fails to please. Although the ‘traditional’ cheesecake is a baked good with a cream cheese filling, we can enjoy the fruits of experimental bakers and chefs from all over the world.

Here at The Fizzy Tarté you can expect to enjoy an indulgent range of Cheese Cake flavours such as a Chocolate & Honey Comb Cheesecake which offers a winning mix of flavours for a sweet and nutty tasting cheesecake.

You will also find a wonderfully tasty and refreshing cheesecake with a combination of lemon and lime flavours.


Although a torte is technically a type of cake, there are distinctive differences between the two. The traditional cake is usually made using sugar, eggs, butter and flour, whereas a torte calls for little to no flour, and breadcrumbs or nuts are used in its place. As a result, a torte has a heavier texture and a richer taste.

To match its elaborate flavours, the sponge-like component of the torte is frequently soaked in a syrup or spirit before it’s decorated, to guarantee a moist dessert. Execute your very own comparison and discover the range of tortes available at The Fizzy Tarté.

Naturally our favourite has to be the Strawberry & Champagne Torte… finished with a marble glaze and a marble run out, it’s the perfect desserts for those with a love of a fine dessert experience.

For those with a sweet taste, we also offer Individual Chocolate Truffle Tortes, and Ganache Torte Slice. A chocolate lovers dream if we may say so ourselves!

For those with a fruiter admiration, take your pick from a range of Mango and Raspberry sponge sweets with infusion layers of strawberry and tropical glazes, raspberry moose and more.


Choux pastry is light pastry dough that uses only eggs, butter, flour and water. It is used to prepare éclairs, profiteroles, St. Honour cake, croquembouches, gougères, French crullers, and many more but, here at The Fizzy Tarté, guests can look forward to a patisserie classics such as a Chocolate Eclaire; a handmade, light choux pastry filled with fresh cream and topped with a rich chocolate fudge icing. A sweet lovers dream.

For those who just can’t resist a treat, try the Mini-Profiterole Tower because, who could resist mini-profiteroles filled with Vanilla Cream, towered together with chocolate fudge, all placed on a short-bread biscuit and drizzled with white chocolate?

For those who are a little nutty…you’ll adore our Praline Paris Brest. A delicious choux ring split and filled with praline, and a creamy mix of white chocolate and Nutella.


Dare we say we love a good Tarté? Of course we can! Categorised as an open pastry case containing a sweet or savoury filling, Sweet tarts often contain a fruit filling, berries and citrus fruits being a popular choice.

Common examples of tartlets include the Bakewell Tart, and the more local Manchester Tart. However here in our Fizzy Tarté we like to do things more sophisticated and a little more exciting so if you like the sound of a salted milk chocolate & caramel tarté slice soft melt in the mouth caramel, topped with flavoursome salted milk chocolate then you’re in for treat.

Though if you’re looking for something a little less tarté and a little more sweet, we’re sure you’ll enjoy our individual tarté au strawberry. Enjoy Strawberries on a bed of crème pâtisserie, garnished with a strawberry jelly glaze, fresh cream.


A ‘flan’ looks very different depending on where you are in the world. With our love of pastry, we naturally adopted a flan made with a pastry shell, then filled with a custard mixture, often containing fruit or nuts.

The individual Pecan Pie (gf) on offer at The Fizzy Tarté includes crunchy pecans and sticky sweet syrup set inside an individual shortcrust pastry case. Delicious & dairy free.


The Fizzy Tarté also has a selection of firm favourites on offer for all you dessert lovers out there. From the classic macaroon to the quintessentially British fruit scone with jam & cream, there is something for every preference.

Other Sweets include, french fancies smothered in soft fondant icing, Victoria Layer Cake with cream and strawberry jam and sprinkled in icing sugar, an Individual Cumbrian Rum Nikki, and of course the ver quintessentially British, Bakewell Slice.


Gluten Free

Fear not, gluten free sweet treats are available at The Fizzy Tarté. Our Vanilla Cheese Cake, Pecan Flan, and fluffy chocolate & almond cake all provide that delicious sweet hit while meeting dietary requirements.