We are the first luxury Champagne & prosecco bar in Bowness-on-Windermere. The Fizzy Tarté strives to offer a range of quality bubbly tipples for your delight. However, our prosecco bar team have quickly learned that prosecco is quickly developing a reputation as a premium sparkling wine all over the world. But we understand why.

Our love for bubbles certainly does not stop at champagne. We are proud stockists of some of the highest quality prosecco around. “Pop” into our fabulous prosecco bar for a glass or two of prosecco, and enjoy an afternoon or evening of sophisticated like only we know-how.

Pair your glass of bubbly with prosecco with salty snacks or desserts from our menu for a tasty pairing!


What is Prosecco

We’ve all tasted sparkling wine, at the very least around the holidays or when celebrating a special occasion. Yet, many of us have no idea what the difference is between wines such as champagne, cava and prosecco. Or how they even get the bubbles into the wine in the first place.

However, let us explain.

To put it simply, prosecco is a dry sparkling wine which has significant levels of carbon dioxide in it, to make it the fizzy glass of bubbles we all love! Prosecco is often used to replace champagne in cocktails, or as a nice way to break in between heavier wines. Not to mention a delight to drink on a summers day in the Lake District.

Its fresh and fruity taste is easy to enjoy. Although, its relatively low price tag makes it an increasingly popular alternative to champagne. Unlike champagne, prosecco should be served chilled straight from the refrigerator for the best taste! Sooner rather than later we say!

A brief history

The delightful bubbly prosecco we know and love today came from the village of prosecco, a suburb of Trieste. The name “prosecco” is actually Slovenian, from prozek, or “path through the woods.” (Prior to being called prosecco, the region was known as Puccino.) Today, prosecco production extends beyond the small village, but this is where it all began.

10 facts we LOVE about Prosecco

Who doesn’t love fun facts about their favourite tipple? We know all our prosecco fans will too!

1. Prosecco has fewer calories than wine – Woo!
2. It’s good for your health! (in moderation of course)
3. No more hangover! Choose a sparkling wine that’s less sweet and you’ll save your head in the morning.
4. The cork of a prosecco can fly off at 25mph, so watch out!
5. Prosecco isn’t always bubbly! One that has no bubbles at all is referred to as tranquillo.
6. There can be upto 49 million bubbles in one bottle of prosecco!
7. Prosecco has become so popular that suppliers almost ran out in the UK in 2016
8. In 2013 Prosecco overtook the sales of champagne for the first time ever!
9. Approximately 150 million bottles of Italian prosecco wine are produced annually.
10. World prosecco day is celebrated on the 13th of August!