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How do you like your cocktails? Shaken… Stirred… Classic or Top Tarté. Whatever your choice, you can expect nothing less than impressively crafted cocktails made by expertly trained mixologists in our Fizzy Tarté bar in Bowness.

Each and every cocktail has been skilfully designed to delight your senses.

We’re using the freshest of ingredients, all of which we make in-house and the finest of brands so that our cocktails are the most fabulous cocktails you’ve ever tasted. We’ll even tweak a classic, or tailor a cheeky new cocktail to your taste. Our aim is to create a cocktail experience you’ll never forget.

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Bar in Bowness - Cocktail Making Class

Top Tarté Cocktails

Top Tarte? We’re sure those words spiked your senses. These are cocktails re-imagined. Cocktails mixed with a blend of sophisticated fun, an ounce of magic and a dusting of excitement.

Show stopping and deliciously divine, we’re sure you’ve never tasted anything like these. Ever tried a cocktail garnished with a perfectly baked profiterole? What about a Cosmopolitan with cranberry shrub and candy floss? Our Top Tarté cocktails are poppy, tart, smoky, velvety, and silky. Each cocktail on our Top Tarté menu will leave you begging for more!

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Cocktail Making Classes

If you love the sound (or the taste) of our cocktails, we’re sure you’ll have even more fun making them. Bring your friends in on the sophisticated fun at our bar in Bowness with 2-3 hours of cocktail mixing, shaking, and tasting. Our mixologists know more about cocktails than Gordon Ramsey knows about cooking food (and our mixologists won’t shout at you either!) Expect a fun, upbeat session of laughter with tasty drinks, games and cocktail knowledge that you’ll be able to impress your friends with at every party.

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Private booth hire

Do you like to have fun and drink with friends?  If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place! We’ve got a comfy & stylish private booth, perfect for groups of up to 10 people available to hire as part of a private booth package, so you can have some #fizzytartefun in style!

“We had a wonderful time in the private booth. It was the perfect way to be spending girly time with the family!”

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Bar in Bowness - Cocktail Making Class


Welcome to The Fizzy Tarté Bar in Bowness! If you’re looking to enjoy some effortless, sophisticated fun in a luxurious, relaxing Windermere bar then it seems you’re in the right place.

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Join us for Bubbles, bottles + more…

Wine bar

Wine bar

If Wine was the answer then what was the question? We think its… “How do you enjoy sophisticated fun?” because drinking wine is so much fun. Join us in our Wine Bar in Bowness you’ll find yourself surrounded by a variety of white, red & rosé wines from around the world. Let us welcome you, take a seat and send your taste buds on a savouring journey. Enjoy a glass of your French favourite or discover the refreshing flavours of something new from our hand-picked wine list. Explore our wine bar list and you’ll find we have over 15 wines to choose from. All of which have been specifically chosen for the wine lovers, connoisseur and tasters from far and wide!

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Champagne Bar

Champagne Bar

If you’re reading this, we assume it’s because you love those chilled glasses of bubbles that come in a tall, slim glass of fun. So let us entice you further. Here at The Fizzy Tarté, we stock the finest and the largest list of Champagne’s in the Lake District. Champagne lovers from across the country join us all year round to enjoy a luxurious glass (or two) of the sophisticated fun that is Champagne. And why? Because we’ll treat you like royalty and at the same time offer you a long list of hand-picked and tested bubbly tipples for your pleasure. If this sounds like your idea of a fun time with a loved one or friends, then come along to our Champagne Bar in Bowness… we have nearly 30 different bottles of Champagnes ready and waiting for you…

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Prosecco Bar

Prosecco Bar

Delve into our Prosecco menu and you’ll soon find that our love for bubbles certainly does not stop at Champagne. We’re sure yours doesn’t either. Whilst Prosecco is generally a cheaper option than Champagne, let us tell you, we are proud stockists of some of the highest quality Prosecco around. Each and every glass what we like to call ‘a refreshing glass of posifizzity’ because it makes feel so good inside! There’s nothing better than coming together with your loved one, and the sound of a cork popping after a long day… perfection.

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