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Ever wanted to create & shake your own cocktails? Well, gather your friends & your finest for 1 fun-filled hour of shaking, stirring, and most importantly, tasting in one of our cocktail-making classes!

Our team will talk you through how to mix up (and drink), 2 tiki cocktails behind our private bar on BAHA’s top floor tiki bar. 

Time Slots:

12.30pm/4pm- Weekdays & weekends

Minimum of 6 people per booking or party

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YOUR Package

Great for Hen Parties, Birthdays, or just for fun!

To ensure your cocktail-making class is as great as can be, we use the cocktail knowledge shared by our Fizzy Tarté & BAHA team and host your class behind the bar of BAHA’s top floor tiki cocktail bar. This is so we can accommodate bigger groups, give you more space to throw out those flair moves, and provide more privacy for your class for those with a little bit of stage fright!

Your dedicated bartender will teach you to transport your tastebuds to the tropical islands of Polynesia by mixing up tiki cocktails with fresh, fruity ingredients and premium spirits for the best tasting cocktails you’ll have all day & night,

In this class, you’ll be putting your mixology skills to the test, getting hands-on with cocktail shakers, and cocktail jiggers but most importantly you’ll be sipping on cocktails with your favourites in your very own private bar! 

Learn the tricks of the trade as you shake, muddle & stir your way through iconic tiki cocktails, and once acquainted with our shakers and your first concoction, you’ll have time to sit back and relax in the tropical surrounding of our tiki bar to sip on your drink, before getting back behind the bar for more cocktail making fun!

Your cocktail making class includes: 

  • 60-minute cocktail session (duration of the class will vary depending on the size of the group).
  • Your choice of 2 tiki cocktails from BAHA’s tiki cocktail menu
  • Private cocktail bar away from the crowd
  • Your own dedicated bartender

£40 Per person

Need a table?

If you are also looking for somewhere to have lunch before or dinner after, our bookings team will be able to book you in for some delicious food at BAHA.

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Book a table at BAHA

Book a table at BAHA

Book in for a pre or post cocktail making class feast with Pacific Street Food at our sister venue BAHA

Born Noisy - Karaoke

Born Noisy - Karaoke

Get in the party mood & add a Karaoke Pod sing-song to your masterclass from £8pp, per hour.

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FAQ’s about our Cocktail Making Classes 

Have a question? Here are the most important, funny and commonly asked questions, about our cocktail making classes.

Q1. Where is the class held?

A1. All Fizzy Tarté cocktail making classes are held just behind us at BAHA.


Q2. Can you have butlers in the buff?

A2. Yes, we can recommend the original buff company who have visited us previously for other groups.


Q3. Can you make cocktails with gin?

A3. Definitely if you let us know in advance we can tailor our class to focus on gins. Please note the price may vary depending on your requirements.


Q4. Can you do a cocktail making class without alcohol?

A4. If you aren’t drinking but still want to do a class then not a problem, many great drinks can be made without a drop of alcohol. Also, if some aren’t drinking and some are then that is fine as we can cater for both in the same class.


Q5. Is the class in a public space?

A5. Don’t worry your private class will not be held in front of our customers, so no need to worry about ‘stage fright’ behind the bar.


Q6. What’s covered in a cocktail making class?

A6. Our classes cover methods, can have games if you wish and as you’ll be guided through making them. This means you’ll have a recipe or two up your sleeve for your next house party as well.


Q7. Do we sell cocktail making kits?

A7. Whilst we’d love to, currently, we don’t sell cocktail making kits, but if you’re looking for a gift then we do sell monetary vouchers which can be used towards a cocktail-making class.


Q8. What are The Fizzy Tartés 3 top tips & tricks for a great cocktail class?

A8. 1. Some people think the more alcohol the better, this definitely isn’t always the case. 2. Make sure your mixologist makes you a Pornstar Martini.
3. Try a tin spin when you’re making your drink, it will look great.

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Cocktail making class FAQs for the curious cocktail connoisseur

What are the 10 most popular cocktails? 

As with everything else in the world, cocktail trends come and go. Instagram feeds one or two years ago likely didn’t reflect what people are drinking today. You can find a drink that suits your tastes, whether you like something delicate and floral, sweet and fruity, or strong and bitter – Here are the 10 most popular cocktails at the moment, some of which are mixed up during our cocktail making class.

  1. Mojito 
  2. Espresso Martini 
  3. Pimms
  4. Pornstar Martini 
  5. Pina Colada
  6. Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri 
  7. Rum Punch
  8. Cosmopolitan
  9. Negroni 
  10. Aperol Spritz

What are the 5 classic cocktails?

Classic cocktails have been around for decades and should be your go-to when making a drink at home, mixing it up in a cocktail making class, or sipping in your favourite bar, and as a popular cocktail bar in the Lake District, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Below you’ll have the 5 classic cocktails everyone should try. Find out which cocktail is your style by trying them all.


  1. Manhattan
  2. Negroni
  3. Sazerac
  4. Vodka Martini
  5. Old Fashioned

What is the best cocktail?

What is the cocktail of 2021 you ask? Well, in 2021, claimed that the best cocktail of the year was the classic Negroni cocktail. Whilst many of our customer’s go-tos in a cocktail making class are Pornstar Martinis or Mojitos… we highly suggest you try the punchy cocktail package consisting of Gin, Campari, and vermouth. It tastes little bit sweet, a little bit bitter and more than a little bit boozy!

If you would rather take our mixologist’s word for it though, you’ll also find the Negroni under the Bartender’s Choice of our drinks menu – which means it’s been hand-picked as a favourite by our mixologists right here behind the bar at The Fizzy Tarté.

Why is a cocktail called a cocktail?

As per the online Etymology Dictionary, cocktails derive their name from a mispronunciation of the French word for eggcup coquetier (pronounced in English as cocktay). Apparently, a New Orleans apothecary (and inventor of Peychaud bitters), Antoine Amédée Peychaud, served brandy with his bitters in eggcups in the late 18th century.

The more you know!

What is the most popular cocktail?

The most popular cocktail at The Fizzy Tarté is our very own Fizzy Tarté cocktail. But if you’re talking classics, it has to be the Pornstar Martini, which if you’re fan… you’ll be glad to know are mixed up in our cocktail making classes.

Join us for one of our cocktail masking classes and you’ll learn everything there is to know about this passion-fruit-flavoured cocktail, made with vanilla-flavoured vodka, Passoã, passion fruit juice, lemon juice, and pineapple juice. (And let’s not forget the shot of prosecco!) 

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