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Champagnes from our Menu

Laurent-Perrier Champagne

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Laurent-Perrier seeks to produce quality wines based on its signature house style of freshness, lightness, and elegance. It is those desired qualities that you will find in the Laurent-Perrier Brut L.P.

For a more structured, but equally fresh-tasting wine, opt for the Laurent-Perrier Cuveé Brut.

Inspired by the era dominated by the reign of French King Henri IV, the Champagne is an original in terms of its history, the way it’s made, and the design of its distinctive, regal-looking bottle.

Bollinger Champagne

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The Fizzy Tarté recommends Bollinger for those who prefer more powerful and complex flavour. With a distinctive character, Champagne lovers who appreciate layers of flavour and impeccable attention to detail will be more than satisfied with Bollinger Special Curvée Brut. With bubbles like velvet and aromas of spice and pear, the flavours of fresh walnut and buttery vanilla make this beverage a treat for the senses.

Perrier Jouet Champagne

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From its artistic collaborations to the stunning detail featured on Perrier-Jouët bottles, this Champagne house seeks for aesthetic beauty as well as on the palate. The Belle Epoque Rosé available at The Fizzy Tarté is a multi-seasonal wine. It combines delicate and complex harmonies, forming a perfectly balanced wine.


Armand De Brignac

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Commonly known as ‘Ace of Spades’, Armand de Brignac is celebrated for both its full flavoured wines and their iconic, showstopping bottles. Did you know all the labels on Armand de Brignac bottles are made of real pewter, polished, and applied by hand?

Armand de Brignac Brut Gold has won praise from wine critics and connoisseurs from across the globe.  Recently of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold was selected as the No. 1 Champagne in the World in a blind tasting of 1,000 brands. The title is well deserved, as the wine boats fresh and lively aromas, a deliciously creamy texture, with a smooth, silky finish. The depth of flavour on the palate, as well as its stunning packaging, proves that rigorous attention to detail is of great importance to this elite Champagne house headed by the Cattier family.

Krug Champagne

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Krug is a Champagne house that prides itself on its preservation of Savour-Faire. Production at Krug remains very much a human process, and although the procedure may be laborious, craftsmanship and unparalleled quality is guaranteed with every bottle as a result.

This unconventional and rebellious style reflects the wines that are produced, consisting of racy and decadent flavours that may take you by surprise.

Louis Roederer Champagne

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Louis Roederer is a Champagne house of exceptional quality and aristocratic elegance. Deservedly famous for its Cristal Champagne, it is a wine both powerful and delicate to taste.

With the precision and balance of flavours, it is no surprise that the Cristal range by Louis Roederer is held in such high esteem.

Dom Perignon

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Dom Pérignon is Moët & Chandon’s prestige cuvée Champagne. Named after the eponymous Benedictine monk often associated with discovering sparkling wine, 1921 was the first vintage to be released and has captivated the attention of fizz fans the world over ever since. 

It stands out among vintage wines because it is never produced in weak years, and all the grapes used to make each bottle are always harvested in the same year.


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We Are Harlot

We have a vision to bring the finest English wines to the UK market. We have a long history of producing award-winning English Sparkling Wines, with an extensive infrastructure, both in France and the UK.

While learning from our history and building for our future, we plan to revolutionise the English wine industry for the better.

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About the champagne, we stock at our Champagne bar in Bowness


Champagne is the ultimate celebratory drink. It is used to toast newlyweds, applaud achievements, and acknowledge milestones, launch boats, and celebrate sporting victories.

A large part of its appeal is due to the bubbles that spill forth when the bottle is uncorked. It’s no wonder we love all things Champagne here at The Fizzy Tarté.

In France the first sparkling Champagne was created accidentally; the pressure in the bottle led it to be called “the devil’s wine” (le vin du diable), as bottles exploded or corks popped. At the time, bubbles were considered a fault. Yet in today’s modern society, fine champagne is considered a mark of sophistication, and where else better to enjoy sophisticated fun than in the heart of the Lake District at its favourite Champagne Bar?

Champagne is also used to accompany Champagne cocktails such as pornstar martinis, bellinis, mimosas, bucks fizz, Kir Royale and so many more!

So, if you love a tipple of the odd champagne cocktail or two, you’ll be delighted with our Champagne Bar Menu.


The easy and short answer is that sparkling wine can only be called Champagne if it comes from the region of Champagne, France, which is just outside of Paris. However, Champagne can only be made using Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and using the méthode champenoise. If a bottle is produced using the exact same method, anywhere else, it must carry a different name.

The production method itself must even be referred to differently, méthode tranditionalle being the usual substitute. These rules are strictly enforced. They are codified in national laws, European Union regulations, and international trade agreements and treaties

You have likely heard of Dom Pérignon, the so-called inventor of Champagne. Moët & Chandon even honoured him with a special cuvée that carries his namesake. Pérignon was an innovator and the first master of the art of blending different grapes. His wines garnered such a reputation that they became known as “vinum dei” (the wine of God). He perfected many techniques such as aggressively pruning vines and light pressing. Pinot noir grapes would be pressed very lightly and quickly to ensure that the juice stayed perfectly white.

You can even enjoy a tipple of Dom Pérignon or Moët & Chandon from our bar menu.

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When you think of Champagne, we’re sure that fizzy bubbles full of celebratory cheers, or a sophisticated evening with your loved one comes to mind. The idea of Champagne conjures up feelings of good living, elegance, sociability, and somehow that only the best in life is good enough.

In honour of those, we’ve come up with a list of 10* bubbly facts that you may not have known about Champagne!

  1. On average 17,000 bottles of Champagne are served at Wimbledon each year.
  2. In a 750ml bottle of Champagne, there are 49 million bubbles
  3. The most expensive bottle of Champagne costs 2.07 million dollars.
  4. Marilyn Munroe once took a bath in 350 bottles-worth of champagne.
  5. The sparkle in wine was created by accident.
  6. More than 300 million bottles of Champagne are sold each year.
  7. The speed of a popped Champagne cork ranges between 25 and 100 miles per hour.
  8. The longest flight of a champagne cork that has been recorded is over 54 metres!
  9. The best way to open champagne is by gently sliding out the cork instead of shaking it and letting the cork pop out.

10. The chalky remains of ancient sea creatures are the “soil” for champagne’s grapes.

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We are the first luxury Champagne & prosecco bar in Bowness-on-Windermere. The Fizzy Tarté strives to offer a range of quality bubbly tipples for your delight. However, our prosecco bar team have quickly learned that prosecco is quickly developing a reputation as a premium sparkling wine all over the world. But we understand why.

Our love for bubbles certainly does not stop at champagne. We are proud stockists of some of the highest quality prosecco around. “Pop” into our fabulous prosecco bar for a glass or two of prosecco, and enjoy an afternoon or evening of sophisticated like only we know-how.

Pair your glass of bubbly with prosecco with salty snacks or desserts from our menu for a tasty pairing!

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About the prosecco, we stock at our Champagne bar in Bowness

What is prosecco? 

We’ve all tasted sparkling wine, at the very least around the holidays or when celebrating a special occasion. Yet, many of us have no idea what the difference is between wines such as champagne, cava and prosecco. Or how they even get the bubbles into the wine in the first place.

However, let us explain…

To put it simply, prosecco is a dry sparkling wine that has significant levels of carbon dioxide in it, to make it the fizzy glass of bubbles we all love! Prosecco is often used to replace champagne in cocktails, or as a nice way to break in between heavier wines. Not to mention a delight to drink on a summers day in the Lake District.

Its fresh and fruity taste is easy to enjoy. Although, its relatively low price tag makes it an increasingly popular alternative to champagne. Unlike champagne, prosecco should be served chilled straight from the refrigerator for the best taste! Sooner rather than later we say!

A brief history 

The delightful bubbly prosecco we know and love today came from the village of prosecco, a suburb of Trieste. The name “prosecco” is actually Slovenian, from prozek, or “path through the woods.” (Prior to being called prosecco, the region was known as Puccino.) Today, prosecco production extends beyond the small village, but this is where it all began.

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10 facts we love about prosecco

Who doesn’t love fun facts about their favourite tipple? We know all our prosecco fans will too!

  1. Prosecco has fewer calories than wine – Woo!
  2. It’s good for your health! (in moderation of course)
  3. No more hangover! Choose a sparkling wine that’s less sweet and you’ll save your head in the morning.
  4. The cork of a prosecco can fly off at 25mph, so watch out!
  5. Prosecco isn’t always bubbly! One that has no bubbles at all is referred to as tranquillo.
  6. There can be up to 49 million bubbles in one bottle of prosecco!
  7. Prosecco has become so popular that suppliers almost ran out in the UK in 2016
  8. In 2013 Prosecco overtook the sales of champagne for the first time ever!
  9. Approximately 150 million bottles of Italian prosecco wine are produced annually.
  10. World prosecco day is celebrated on the 13th of August!

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