FAQ’s about our Cocktail Making Classes 

Have a question? Here are the most important, funny and commonly asked questions, about our cocktail making classes.

Q1. Where is the class held?

A1. All Fizzy Tarté cocktail making classes are held just behind us at BAHA on the top floor.


Q2. Can you have Butlers in the Buff?

A2. Yes, we can recommend the original buff company who have visited us previously for other groups.


Q3. Can you make cocktails with gin?

A3. Definitely if you let us know in advance we can tailor our course to focus on Gin’s, please note price may vary depending on your requirements.


Q4. Can you do a cocktail making class without alcohol?

A4. If you aren’t drinking but still want to do a course then not a problem, many great drinks can be made without a drop of alcohol. Also, if some aren’t drinking and some are then that is fine as we can cater for both in the same class.


Q5. Is the class in a public space?

A5. The answer is no. Don’t worry BAHA has a private cocktail bar on the top floor tiki cocktail bar of which is yours for the class so don’t worry about stage fright.


Q6. What’s covered in a cocktail making class?

A6. Our classes cover methods, can have games if you wish and as you’ll be guided through making them. Which means you’ll have a recipe or two up your sleeve for your next house party as well.


Q7. Do we sell cocktail making kits?

A7. Whilst we’d love to, currently, we don’t sell cocktail making kits, but if you’re looking for a gift then we do sell monetary vouchers which can be used towards a cocktail making class.


Q8. What are The Fizzy Tartés 3 top tips & tricks for a great cocktail making class?

A8. 1. Some people think that the more alcohol the better this definitely is always the case and beware some drinks are deceptively delicious but pack a real punch. 2. Make sure your mixologist makes you a Pornstar Martini. 3. Try a Tin Spin when you’re making your drink it will look great.