She Ate Red Velvet

The 27th of January marks a rather special day on the UK culinary calendar: National Chocolate Cake Day.

Apart from your birthday, and perhaps your wedding day, there is no other day which gives you a better excuse to indulge in some chocolaty deliciousness. To mark this joyful occasion, we are celebrating one of the most decadent and dreamy cakes on the market: red velvet.

A chocolate cake with a ruby disguise, for many, this dessert ranks top in the guilty pleasures tier. A layer cake combining cocoa, cream cheese, buttermilk and icing topping, it’s truly a masterpiece of flavours and textures.

The origin of the red velvet cake – Southern Roots

The origin of the red velvet cake is thought to be found in the southern states of America (its ingredients are a slight giveaway). Although not universally agreed, it is largely believed that the cake can be credited to a Mr. John Adams, owner of the Adams Extract Company based in Texas.

In approximately 1938, during the Great Depression

Adams thought he would be able to sell more of his food extracts, dyes and flavourings with point-of-sale posters and tear-off recipe cards which included his products. Thus the red velvet cake with food colouring was born.

BUT! The concept of a ‘velvet cake’ was around much earlier than this

Coined by cooks in the 1800s, velvet refers to the texture of a cake made using almond flour and cocoa or corn-starch which softens the protein in flour, and forms a particularity fine, velvety sponge.

The red velvet cake wasn’t always as favoured as it is today, with various chefs and bakers regarding it as a mere gimmick!

However… in the 1980s and 90s

There was a significant increase in popularity for the distinctive treat. This was partly driven by a cameo in the 1989 American drama-comedy Steel Magnolias as an armadillo wedding cake, as well as the arrival of the renowned Magnolia Bakery in New York in 1996.

Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day

Join us at The Fizzy Tarté for a slice of buttery red velvet

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