It’s Manchester-bound for Raf!

Raf, a treasured member of the Fizzy Tarte team, is taking a short break from The Fizzy and heading to Manchester. However, Raf isn’t just taking a holiday to explore the wonders of the north’s capital, but instead taking part in an intense 4 week course with the renowned European Bartender School. We spoke to a very excited Raf before he left for the course…

What made you want to do the course?

R: I am very much a self-taught bar tender. There are certain skills I want to refine and knowledge I want to gain in order to be the best bar-tender I can be!

What made you get into mixology in the first place?

R: Before I became bar staff, I was the head baker at ‘More? The Artisan Bakery’ in Staveley. Unfortunately, during my employment I got tendinitis making baking rather painful. I decided it was the natural time for a job change. I started to pull pints in a pub, and just fell in love with the bar tender role in general. I then moved on to cocktail making which I have been doing for around 3 years now.

Is there one skill or technique that you are particularly excited to learn?

R: I really want to improve my overall flair to be honest! There are also some mixology tricks which would be really cool to learn. Like I said, I was self-taught so I want to fill in the gaps.

What do you hope to have achieved by the end of the course?

R: I just want to come away from the course a more accomplished bar tender. Then of course, show off my new skills back at The Fizzy Tarte!

We will be following Raf’s journey on Facebook and Instagram with videos and pictures during his time with EBS. Keep an eye out to see what he is up to, and discover what it’s like to be at bar tender school!

Good luck Raf!

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