The Burnt Chef Project

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What is the Burnt Chef Project?

The Burnt Chef Project is a non-profit campaign and clothing brand operating within hospitality to challenge mental health stigma & issues through online training, open conversations.


Why do we have a Burnt Chef Project?

8 out of 10 hospitality professionals report having experienced at least one mental health issue during their career. and as we see changes in our staff’s well-being in these hard times, and we feel it’s essential that we step up and educate ourselves to give our staff the support they need to come through this journey.

Read below to hear the motivations behind Director David Hampshaw’s decisions to join the project.

Our Burnt Chef Ambassador!


Our Burnt Chef Ambassador David Hampshaw

David Hampshaw
Hargreaves Enterprises Director



My name is David Hampshaw and from a very early age, I knew that the hospitality life was one that would take me around the globe for life-enhancing experiences and after graduating from Uni I started to work my way up the career ladder and have been lucky enough to manage successfully in multiple hospitality environments, meeting some amazing human beings on the way. 

I am currently one of the directors at Hargreaves Enterprises up in the beautiful English Lake District, we are a leisure, food, and accommodation business with multiple venues. 

The industry has many amazing benefits, when the highs are high, they are very high but the lows can be crushing, we have all had that horrendous shift! The lows can lead to increases in the disharmony of mind and soul. 

2020 has been tough on the industry and through Covid 19 we can see how hard it has been to adapt physically by transforming our business and emotionally through retraining and supporting our staff and supporting their development and mental health through an unpredictable time. 

We have seen many changes in our staff’s well-being and it’s essential that we educate ourselves and give our staff the support they need to come through this journey back to health together and keep the industry alive, if we have the tools to support them then we are halfway back to recovery. 

I am delighted to support the Burnt Chef Project as it will be invaluable to reengaging with our staff  and relaunching our businesses.”

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