Have a New Year’s Eve party Fizzy Tarte Style

If you’re not celebrating your New Year’s Eve at The Fizzy Tarté (shocking!), you may be hosting your very own NYE party. Naturally, hosting a party can cause a level of anxiety. What if people don’t show up? What if your guests have had better offers elsewhere? What if they grimace at your chosen playlist? Well don’t worry, because we have the ingredients you need to give your party some Fizzy Tarté flair.

The sauce. The booze. The dancing juice. By no means am I saying that alcohol is essential for a fun time, but many people see New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to welcome the coming year by letting their hair down and enjoying a tasty tipple or five…

Unless you have adopted a BYOB policy, it is best to try and avoid the potential situation of having to drive around at 3 minutes to midnight looking for an open shop in order to replenish your alcohol supply. Depending on how thirsty your friends tend to be, ensure you have enough alcohol beforehand, and find a way to keep your bottles on ice so guests can sip on a chilled beverage all night long (besides, sober pictures are never as entertaining). For that extra wow-factor, purchase some bottle sparklers and a nice bottle of Champagne for when the clock strikes 12. If you really want to push the boat out, hire a mixologist for the occasion to make and serve guests cocktails (preferably Porn Star Martinis) with impressive tricks and skills.

With substantial quantities of alcohol, it is always advised to have some form of food available. I’m not suggesting you whip up a four course supper for your guests, but some delicate and delicious canapés are bound to go down a treat.

Without good company, there is no party! Probably the most vital ingredient, your guests are how those lasting New Year’s Eve memories are created. In order to keep it classy, it is best to try and invite people who you know do, or will get on well (punch ups or screaming matches somewhat kill the vibe). Ask your guests to ‘dress to impress’ to make your party feel like the special occasion it is ( the more sequins the better!).

People are naturally going to have differing opinions when it comes to the music, but this does not mean that your party is destined for failure! Form a playlist which combines some dance classics, sing-along favourites, with the occasional emotional ballad for when the party is winding down (‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis, obviously).

…or you could just spend New Year’s Eve at The Fizzy Tarté.

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