All about buying gift vouchers from us

Over the years we’ve been asked many questions relating to buying our gift vouchers so we thought we would answer a few of the most common questions here.

Types of gift vouchers

We sell both monetary gift vouchers only in denominations of £25.00 (these are preprinted so we do not do any other denominations) and a range of Afternoon Tea vouchers. All of which are available to purchase online through our website.


We send our gift vouchers out in double envelopes so that you can gift them to someone in style. Or when purchasing you have the option to provide us with a message and we handwrite this in the accompanying gift card. This will then be posted straight to your chosen person.


Both Monetary and all Afternoon Tea gift vouchers have an expiry date of one year from the date they are posted.

Using our gift vouchers

If you have a voucher(s) we ask that you give us a call to prebook and this will allow us to put a note in the booking for you and allow you to ask any other questions. Also if you have Afternoon tea vouchers will void you paying a deposit for your booking as we can override this when we are on the phone with you. Our main aim is that you as a customer have the best experience possible with us.


All gift vouchers are posted out first class. Please note around seasonal times and peak gift-giving we advise ordering well in advance to avoiding the disappointment of late delivery.

Upgrading your vouchers

If you have vouchers for our Classic Afternoon Tea for example then when you call to book we can put a note in that you would like to upgrade and then you can pay the difference on the day, that is no problem.

We hope this helps answer any questions you may have had

If you wish to purchase any of our gift vouchers please click here

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