What’s included in our Afternoon Teas at the Fizzy Tarté.


The most important thing you need to know is that you can’t go wrong with one of our Afternoon Tea’s. It’s just which ones tickle your taste buds. We love to experiment and try new cakes from time to time, but the principles of what and why we choose them don’t change. So below we have outlined what’s included in our afternoon teas from the patisseries, all the way through to our loose leaf teas.


The Patisseries

We’ve searched high and low for the best patisserie producers around. Looking for the quality and the variety we require to create our afternoon teas. What makes us stand out is the European inspirations for our patisserie selection. We celebrate the classic scone, cream and jam but also excite our guests with a profiterole tower, mini delights or a champagne torte.


Getting such an eclectic mix of treats isn’t easy but it’s this tasteful combination of classic and continental that gives us the Fizzy Tarté style with what we serve. We would love to say that this could all be sourced locally around the corner, though some parts like our fruit scones can be. However, to be able to offer all of this we draw from a range of fantastic suppliers from across the north of England who come regularly each week to the Lake District.


Currently, our classic afternoon tea holds an assortment of mini cakes which could include French fancies, lemon cheesecakes or banoffee flans. Then, you can step it up to our larger than life affair with our Ultimate Afternoon Tea Indulgence which includes French fancies, white & dark chocolate profiteroles & a glass of rosé Prosecco per person. All these add a slightly more playful nature to the experience. Both afternoon teas remain equally as delicious though!



We use fruit scones generally but also have plain available. Our scones are locally made down the road in the Lake District and served warm with our afternoon teas. They are served with clotted cream, jam and butter. All those naughty but delicious additions make it a classic afternoon tea. The real question you have to ask yourself is, do I add cream then jam or jam then cream?


The Finger

Crust on, crust off? Cucumber & cream cheese, or ham & mustard. The choices go on and on. All our afternoon teas are served with the same delicious range of sandwiches with a choice of fillings on both crustless brown and white bread. We also serve all our afternoon teas with a tray of crisps.


Tea, Coffee & Bubbles

Whether you choose to enjoy our Classic Afternoon Tea or go for our Ultimate Afternoon Indulgence. You will have the choice to pick a tea from our beautiful loose leaf tea selection or we can make you a fresh coffee of your choice. It goes even further if you have chosen our ‘Ultimate Afternoon Indulgence’ where you will also enjoy a glass of Rosato Prosecco as well. We also offer the option to upgrade to a bottle of Laurent Perrier Rosé or Laurent Perrier Brut if you so wish. Which are both excellent choices if you really want to celebrate an occasion.



Please be aware we do offer a gluten-free afternoon tea and this comes with a 5.00 supplement charge. If you do wish to book a gluten-free afternoon tea please note we do require 7 days notice, however, you are always welcome to email us and see if we can offer a date sooner. For vegetarian & vegans we can offer a range of sandwiches but due to the style of the patisseries we have, we can’t guarantee these are suitable. As always if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. 


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