Americano = Vanilla Cheesecake

Coffee is the second largest commodity after oil and is fast becoming the world’s most popular drink with over 300 billion cups being consumed a year. With coffee shops on every corner and arty #SkinnyDecafSoyLatte pictures flooding our Instagram, it’s official; the world addicted.

However, considering we are a people clearly devoted to our cups of energy, why is it that we are so blasé about what we eat while getting our fix? If the wrong snack is chosen, our taste buds could potentially go into complete disarray, resulting in conflicting, rather than complementary flavours and quite frankly, utter chaos. Here at The Fizzy Tarté, we have taken it upon ourselves to formulate a solution to resolve this madness. Naturally, we believe that everything is better when accompanied with something sweet, so here is a list of delights that will perfectly partner your cup o’joe.

Latte = Fruit scone with jam preserve and cream

So sweet and light, the latte needs a hearty food partner to complement its taste and texture. The delicate notes of dried fruit and spice enable you to pick up the mild espresso flavour through the warm milk.

Espresso = Ganache Torte OR Lemon Meringue Tarté

Packed with intense flavours, the espresso needs a treat which will either match its intensity, or stand up to its bitter notes.

Flat White – French Fancies OR Macaroons

The light Flat White should not be dominated by powerful flavours. Therefore, this beverage is ideally paired with fluffy and subtly sweet treats such as French Fancies or Macarons.

Americano = Vanilla Cheesecake

A match made in star-spangled heaven. The Americano boasts a slight but notable bitterness which is perfectly balanced when paired with an intensely sweet and creamy vanilla cheesecake.

Café Mocha – Banaoffee Pie OR Banoffi Flan

The base of a Café Mocha is espresso, with added milk and chocolate (either cocoa powder or chocolate syrup). Banana, caramel and nutty flavours complement a café mocha perfectly, as the sweet, indulgent notes are present, but not overpowering.

Macchiato – Salted Caramel

A Macchiato is essentially an espresso ‘stained’ with foamed milk, with the intention that the milk moderates rather than overwhelms. The intense toffee flavour balanced against the saltiness of salted caramel works wonders with this espresso variation, as all flavours are emphasised, but none are dominating.

So it’s settled. You shall feel no guilt ordering that cheesecake with your Americano. After all, it’s for your taste buds…

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