Christmas may be fast approaching, but for caffeine loving adults everywhere, the 1st of October marks the real day of joy, as it’s International Coffee Day.

Sounds AMAZING but what is it?

The 1st October 2016 marks the second International Coffee Day, where the 77 Member States of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and dozens of coffee associations from around the globe come together in a celebration of coffee’s journey from the farm to your local shop. It is designed to honour and shine a light on the men and women who grow and harvest the coffee we love (and let’s be honest, need in order to get through the day).

A Global Celebration

International Coffee Day is celebrated through various events occurring worldwide. Featured events happening in the UK include The Edinburgh Coffee Festival, which involves activities such as demonstrations, interactive workshops, tastings and live music – A guaranteed day of enjoyment as you join fellow coffee lovers in celebrating the delicious beverage in the capital’s vibrant coffee scene. Can you imagine the aromas…

Here at The Fizzy Tarté we adore a steaming cup of coffee (especially when accompanied by a delicious treat), so we have decided to celebrate this glorious day by offering 10% OFF ANY COFFEE BEVERAGE ON THE 1st OCTOBER at The Fizzy Tarté.

We encourage you to come and discover our beautiful, rich and wonderfully tasty coffee beverages we have on offer. You could even have yours with a splash of Frangelico – it is a celebration after all…

Share your coffee experiences on social media with #thefizzytarte & #internationalcoffeeday and show your appreciation of the beloved brew.

Find out more about International Coffee Day here.

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