TT Pornstar Martini

“You put as much passion into your work as a Pornstar Martini does.” This was the phrase used to describe Douglas Ankrah when he created this cocktail for friends in London, and it’s true. With true passion in mind, we wanted to create the perfect Pornstar Martini with luscious flavours that will blow you away.

Our exquisite drink includes Vanilla vodka, passion fruit and citrus liqueurs paired with lemon and pineapple and served with a side of Champagne sorbet. It may be one of the most popular cocktails around, but once you’ve tried our cocktail bar version others will never compare.
What are you waiting for, try it in our cocktail bar today…

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Our TT Pornstar Martini Ingredients:

  • JJ Whitley vanilla vodka
  • Pineapple juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Passion fruit syrup
  • Licor 43
  • Briottet passion fruit liqueur
  • Served with a champagne shot.
  • Garnished with edible flowers & Hibiscus.

Taste: Sweet, indulgent, & slightly tart.