Bringing Jamaica to the Lake District…

Our new cocktail menu!

Oh hello… It’s nice to see you here, having a nosey at our new cocktail menu!

Well, if that’s what you’re here for then stay tuned and get excited because we’ve just revealed all your wildest cocktail dreams. We’ve welcomed back your favourites, introduced two new lists of unimaginable cocktails with dessert garnishes, dry ice and more!


The aim for this cocktail menu is to is to create a cocktail experience you’ll never forget. Whether that be for the taste, the garnish, the look of the cocktails or our service. As long as your cocktail experience is one you’ll remember and want to tell your friends about for years to come, then we’ve done our job!

“Classically Cool!”

Now, of course, we couldn’t get rid of your all time favourites or the coolest cocktails on the block! So we’ve mixed them up a bit and added the freshest ingredients we could find. We now make all our syrups and garnishes in-house and use the finest of brands of spirits, so that your cocktails are the most fabulous cocktails you’ve ever tasted, every time!

As usual, if you’re feeling fruity or adventurous we’ll tweak a classic, or tailor a cheeky new cocktail to your taste. Strawberry Daiquiri anyone?

‘Pina Colada’

It’s fresh sweet taste makes this cocktail a delight on a summer’s day! The subtle blends of coconut flavour come from one of the finest Jamaican Rums around, Koko Kanu.  Paired with the rich flavours of Bacardi Carta Ora, Lime Juice, Coconut Puree, Pineapple Juice, Condensed Milk, with a pinch of Salt, this cocktail is perfect for those who love those tropical tastes!

“Made en who?” 

A new selection of impressively crafted cocktails made by expertly trained mixologists. Introducing our ‘Made en Maison’ cocktails. Now, if you’re wondering what the words “Made en Maison’ might mean, then it’s simple… made in house! Our team have specifically designed these cocktails to encapsulate the sophisticated fun found here at The Fizzy Tarté. Take your senses on a Fizzy Tarté journey of wondrous flavour! We’ve tried and tested these ones at length.. (and received a couple of heavy heads the morning after)

Taste the tropics of the Caribbean, savour the sweet flavours of the Kentucky, USA and introduce your taste buds to true sophisticated fun!

easy peezy rhuBarB squeezy

Shaken, not stirred and flavoured with an array of berries and fruits, The ‘easy peezy rhubarb squeezy’ is fun, sweet, a little bit tart, and one of the gin lovers out there! With the added fun of Whitley Neil Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, combined with Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur this cocktail and it’s just about everything we know and love about being here at The Fizzy!

“A toast to Elizabeth!”

There’s not a drink on our menu which we wouldn’t serve to her majesty the queen, which means there’s something especially magical about these cocktails. A blend of imagination, freshly made ingredients and pure excitement.  

Each and every cocktail has been skillfully designed to delight your senses. Some are show-stopping, others are just deliciously divine and one or two you may think it has been handcrafted by a dessert chef.  An ounce of magic and a dusting of excitement. Showstopping and deliciously divine, we’re sure you’ve never tasted anything like these before.

Have you ever tried a cocktail, garnished with echinacea foam and perfectly baked profiterole? What about a Cosmopolitan with Cranberry Shrub and Candyfloss? Each cocktail is smoked, infused or garnished for intensive flavours. They’re poppy, tart, smoky, velvety, silky. We know that each cocktail on our Top Tarté menu will leave you begging, begging and begging for more!

Pornstar Martini

Ahh the TT Porn Star Martini, an elite in the passion of cocktail making. With Passion in mind, we wanted to craft the Pornstar Martini with the love that we have for good drinks, homemade products and freshness. And that’s exactly what makes this drink so refreshing and exciting to drink. We’ve created a tribute to the original by using the same flavours with our own creations in mind. Infused within the cocktail are our very own homemade vanilla vodka, with homemade passion fruit liqueur and Champagne Sorbet. This drink is something special.

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