Here at The Fizzy Tartè, it’s no secret that we’re passionate about all things “treat yourself”, cocktails and being apart of a World Heritage Site, the Lake District. That’s why this summer we’re working in partnership with The Lakes Distillery to bring you an exclusive competition with a one of a kind prize, perfect for those who love to celebrate the Lake District, drink in their back garden or create CRAZY concoctions in their kitchen!

Why The Lakes Distillery?

Truth be told we like a few drinks and so do the lakes distillery. So after some “creative brainstorming” with them and a bottle or two of their great spirits, we had a fantastic idea to work together. Then followed by a few more drinks we settled on this simple idea…

“Make your favourite drink using a lakes distillery product and show the bottle in the background to win a great prize. Plus don’t forget to #theFizzyTarté & #TheLakesDistillery so we can recognise your entry

Simple right?

Well, we think so and what’s more is, we can’t wait to see your fantastic shots with those vibrant bottles in the background

Here’s an outrageous idea for a drink our mixologists came up with.

Who would have thought that you could find a vibrant, sophisticated cocktail bar with expert mixologists
from across Europe creating cocktails like these?

And now with our new competition… YOU can make them too!

We’re excited to celebrate that and more in great spirit (pardon our pun) with an exciting summer competition.

So get your friends together around the garden, mix it up in the kitchen, or make it whilst doing a handstand.
However you create your cocktail, make it 
so good you almost don’t want to share it. Get creative and give it the name it deserves!

Here are just a few of our Lakes Distillery cocktail creations!

Here’s how our competition works:

We’ve made it so simple to enter.

Take a photo of your drink, with a Lakes Distillery spirit in the picture. This can include any vodka, whisky, gin or liqueur. Then, tag your photo with The Fizzy Tarte and Lakes Distillery hashtags: #theFizzyTarté & #TheLakesDistillery on Facebook or Instagram.

When the entries close on: Sunday 2nd September 2018, we will choose the top 10 best drinks from your photos where they’ll then, be posted on our website.

This is where the fun begins! The public will then decide out of the top #10 drinks, and the drink with the most votes wins! Get your friends, family, colleagues and your neighbour in on the fun, and ask them to vote for your drink and you could win…

‘Gin Afternoon Tea for 6 at The Fizzy Tarté and a tour of The Lakes Distillery!’

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