Mad For Mocktails

The festive season has officially come to an end along with all the Christmas parties and new year celebrations. Although the food was glorious and the Champagne was flowing, this time of year can leave many of us feeling a tad worse for wear. As a result, the first month of the year often sees numerous pledges to stay sober throughout January. Even though ‘Dry January’ is a relatively simple concept, I will be the first to admit that it’s much more difficult in practice. Theoretically 4 weeks of sobriety should be an easy task, but then your best friend informs you she is hosting a huge birthday party and your colleague decides to invite the whole office to the pub for some farewell drinks as she is emigrating to Australia. Damn. However, the increasing demand for alcohol-free alternatives means we have a delightful solution to our dry January dilemma.

No longer are ‘mocktails’ (non-alcoholic cocktails) limited to the saccharine sweet ‘Shirley Temple’;  instead they have been revolutionised by mixologists, and ingredients are experimented with until recipes for impressive looking and fantastically tasty tipples are created.

With new and improved mocktails appearing on menus and in bars, we can ditch our sad cordial, and opt for a much more glamorous looking, and better tasting beverage. Now that mocktails come in all shapes, sizes and flavours, we are spoilt for choice! Here is one of our Fizzy Tarté favourites:

Rosemary Blueberry Smash

(a refreshing and fruity mocktail with fresh blueberries, honey, lime juice, soda water & rosemary. Finished with a garnish of fresh blueberries)


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