The Trendy Tipple for 2017?


Whether media is to blame, or it’s simply a consequence of days gone by, it is fair to say that whisky is often associated with powerful men in high rise offices or grand houses, drinking their scotch whisky or bourbon with other like-minded men (think Don Draper in Mad Men). Famous whisky drinkers also contribute to this stereotype, with notable whisky lovers including Sir Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, and Humphrey Bogart. However, times are changing.

Over the last few years, the marketing of whisky has taken a very different turn, with young, modern and well-known names fronting many brands. For example; actress Mila Kunis was recruited to be the face of Jim Beam after expressing her love for bourbon, and similarly, David Beckham teamed up with Diageo to launch the Haig Club whisky brand. Perhaps the result of new marketing campaigns such as the ones used by Jim Beam and Diageo, the whisky market has seen a rise in popularity, as well as an increased audience base.

According to Trend Hub, whisky is poised to take 2017 by storm. It is predicted to be the trendy drink of choice, whether it’s a bourbon, scotch single malt, or an Irish whisky straight up.

Which cocktails are whisky based?

Old Fashioned 

whisky with Angostura bitters, sugar, water & lemon




whisky with sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters & a maraschino cherry



Whisky Sour 

whisky with lemon juice, water, egg white (optional) & lemon



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