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Valentine’s in Bowness-on-Windermere at The Fizzy Tarté

Valentine’s in Bowness-on-Windermere at The Fizzy Tarté

Make February, the month of romance, extra-special with our pick of the top three Valentine's ideas to do in The Lakes, Bowness-on-Windermere.

The Trendy Tipple for 2017?

The Trendy Tipple for 2017?

Find out which type of alcohol and cocktails are going to make it big this year.

Fizzy Tarté Cocktails

Our expert mixologists are always experimenting to create delectably decadent mixed drinks and cocktails for Fizzy Tarté customers. In our extensive menu you will find the usual favourites, signature concoctions, as well as exotic adaptations of the renowned classics.

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 Champagne is a staple here at The Fizzy Tarté, which is further proved by the broad selection of Champagne based cocktails we have to offer. Naturally, our stunning signature cocktail called The Fizzy Tarté is made with Champagne, as well as vanilla vodka, raspberry vodka, raspberry purée, sugar syrup and raspberries.

Tall & Cool

Our mixologists strive to create impressive, perfectly balanced long drinks, using quality ingredients and refined recipes. Firm favourites include: Long Island Ice Tea (only for the brave!) and the trusty Mojito. We also have slightly more obscure tall drinks, like the Frozen Rosé and the locally inspired Lakes Black Russian (a flavoursome concoction combining Kahlua, vodka, coke and black cherries).


Classic cocktails are classics for a reason. Although we love to experiment with flavours at The Fizzy Tarté, the time-honoured tipples will always have a place in our hearts as well as on our menus.You will find all the icons, from the Brazilian Caipirinha to the creamy Brandy Alexander, and if not, simply ask for your drink of choice.


Synonymous with the roaring Twenties, the classic Martini is ever so chic and sophisticated. Enjoy your the way you prefer at The Fizzy Tarté… perhaps shaken not stirred? If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, discover the modern additions to the Martini family. For example, we offer the very popular Espresso Martini, or the deliciously sweet Honeysuckle. 


Traditionally combining a spirit, bitter and a non-alcoholic sweetener, the Sour cocktail is simple, yet elegant. More recently, egg white has been added to many recipes in order to give the drink a creamier texture. The Fizzy Tarté offers the classic Whisky Sour, or if you would prefer a sweeter take on the original, try out our Amaretto Sour. 

Shot Cocktails

Like to really taste that quality spirit? For a hit of flavour and fun, try a shot cocktail. For the ultra daring amongst you, try our version of the FT B52 which combines Kahlua, Baileys and absinthe.



Beautiful and full of flavour, our Fizzy Tarté Mocktails combine fresh fruit, juices, mixers and syrups to create indulgent, non alcoholic beverages. For a fragrant and refreshing tipple, try our Rosemary Blueberry Smash.


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