The Raspberry Bellini is a refreshing take on the popular Champagne cocktail. are all you need for this light and fruity Raspberry Bellini recipe is
fresh raspberries, prosecco, raspberry vodka, and lemon juice.


Watch how we make our Raspberry Bellini

(please note, the recipe in this video is slightly different from the recipe on this page but tastes just as great)

You will need:

25ml Raspberry Vodka
20ml Lemon Juice
50ml Raspberry Puree (Raspberries & Caster Sugar)


How to:

1. Fill a Champagne glass 2/3 with Prosecco.
2. Add your Vodka, Lemon Juice & Raspberry Puree to a mixer with ice, and shake well.
3. Strain the ingredients from your mixer into your Prosecco and voila!

For the Raspberry Puree:

To make the purée you will need fresh raspberries and caster sugar. We make ours with a ratio of 1:1 so, for example, 100g strawberries to 100g of caster sugar. Place these in a blender and blitz it for a few minutes and you are done! (If it’s too thick you can add water to make it smoother)

No Blender? 
In a small shallow bowl, mash the raspberries with sugar until sugar is dissolved and mixture is smooth.


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